Save time and money on insurance and taxes.

Help your independent workers save on health insurance.

By partnering with Stride, you can make it easy for your independent workers to find the best health insurance plan for them at the lowest possible price, in 10 minutes or less.

We’ll provide everything you need to get your workers enrolled:

  • Customized, co-branded enrollment site

  • A full communication plan to get your workers enrolled

  • Analytics to help you track your progress

Open Enrollment for 2020 coverage begins November 1st. Contact us today to help your workers get the coverage they need!


The easiest way for your independent workers to get great health insurance.

Stride saves your independent workers time and money on health insurance.


The best plan

We’ll compare thousands of health insurance plans and recommend the ones that fit each worker’s specific needs.


The lowest price

We’ll help your workers find subsidies—government funding—that help lower their health insurance payments.


10 minutes or less

Your workers can find and enroll in their plan right from their phone or computer. No annoying calls or appointments.


Everything you need to help your independent workers get insured.

Stride makes it easy for you to help your workers get the health coverage they need.


Custom Enrollment Site

We’ll build, host and manage a co-branded enrollment site to help your workers find and enroll in health insurance.


Communication Toolkit

We’ll provide you with email templates, social media assets, blog posts, in-app messages and more to get the word out.


Analytics & Insights

We’ll work with you to maximize the number of your workers who find the coverage they need to stay productive and healthy.


Interested in partnering? Great! Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch.