Free Webinar

Taxes 101 for Postmates

Tax season is here! Taxes can be confusing and overwhelming, but Stride is here to help. We're hosting this free webinar to help you learn all the tax basics that will make this season a breeze. You can expect to learn:

  1. All about deductions and how to lower your tax bill

  2. Intricacies of reporting 1099 income

  3. How to calculate and pay your quarterly taxes

  4. Different options for filing

While you're waiting for the webinar, be sure to download the free Stride Tax app—it'll help you track your expenses and miles, find tax deductions to lower your tax bill, and make it easier to file your taxes.


Hosted by Tade Anzalone


Tade Anzalone heads up Stride’s finance and tax support team and is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.